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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

TPiRecap: 18 December 2012

Okay, today things should be back to normal, recap-wise. Just to remind you, however, that after Friday's show I'm taking a two-week sabbatical, for reasons related to Christmas, family, and battery-recharging. The show itself will continue to broadcast new episodes during those two weeks, with the exception of Christmas Day (it'll be a rerun from last year), and if you want the lowdown on what happens in those I recommend you to either Roadgeek Adam's recaps at G-R, or perhaps someone at the GSN boards will step in and pinch-hit for me while I'm gone?

Regardless, that all starts after Friday's show, and it's business as usual until then. After that, we'll all reconvene here on 7 January 2013, if the Fates (some of whom look suspiciously Mayan) allow.

I would also like to apologize for some of the little glitches and errors that've crept into these things the last few days. I have no excuses; it's just the way it came out, due to the way I've been doing these recaps of late. This new format is probably more trouble than it's worth, in the end... but I'll make a decision about that during my break. Until then, I'll continue as I have been the last few weeks, and hopefully do a much better job of catching these slipups before posting.

And if I have seemed a bit... less than my usual self these last few weeks, as if maybe doing these recaps is becoming less "fun" and more of a chore... well, in a way, it kind of has been. But then, that's one of the (lesser) reasons I'm taking two weeks off after Friday -- or, as they might say on Around the Horn, a "three hundred thirty-five and a half-hour break." Hopefully it'll give me enough time to recharge myself, and I'll be back on the 7th with renewed vigor and purpose, and things can truly get back to what passes for normal around TPiRecap Towers. (Note: You can't count yesterday. I was deliberately keeping things low-key, because after the Newtown massacre I was certainly not feeling up to my usual snarky self. Rest assured that I would have been a lot saltier about yesterday's shenanigans if I'd allowed myself to be, but I felt some of what I wanted to say would have been in poor taste, and my heart just wasn't in it.)

Enough of this preposterously ponderous preamble! Onward!

Episode # 6142K (Holiday Special #1)
Airdate 18 December 2012
VTR 12 November 2012
First Four Chelsea, Justin, Nicolette, Cheryl (Random)
Today's Models Manuela Abreález, Rachel Reynolds, Rob Wilson

The BBS is decked out in its Christmas [1] finery, the Peanut Gallery is dressed appropriately, and there's the smell of fresh pine trees, holly, and candy canes in the air... it must be that time of year again!

1. TPiR HGIotD: Bull 7-burner stainless steel barbecue (RW)

Ebenezer Scrooge's Favorite Car Game:
2012 Honda Civic LX (1.8L, 5AT, USB audio interface; RR)

Oh boy... we're starting off early.

See what I mean? If I didn't know better, I'd almost swear that they were tanking these games intentionally, like something out of the first Major League movie. (Spoiler: They're not. At all.)

2. Fluance home theater speakers (MA)

Bargain Game:
  1. Honda CRF-100F offroad motorcycle (RW)
  2. Samsung 64" 3D HDTV w/glasses (RR)

I shouldn't be too upset. I fell for this too; I thought the TV was $2,949. >_< You are killing me here, guys...

[1] Please note: I am hardly down with the whole "War on Christmas" deal my friends on the Right side of life are always complaining about. Whatever you want to call this season is totally fine with me, and I say this as someone who identifies as a Christian, though admittedly not a devout one. I am, however, a proponent of calling something what it is, and the simple fact is that if your audience is dressed as Santas and elves, and your set includes traditional (if secular) images of a specific holiday... it should be referred to as that specific holiday, otherwise you just look silly. Really, though, I believe more in the spirit of the seson than in what you call it -- and that spirit is "Can't we all just get along, even if only for a few days out of the bloody year?" You know, "peaco on earth and good will toward men," not arguing over nomenclature with frequently violent rhetoric (and much fire-and-brimstone pontification) -- I hear entirely too much more of the latter than I do the former, and I think that belies an even larger problem at the core of our society these days. And that's the closest you're ever going to get to a political/religious statement from me on this or any other matter. End of soapbox.

3. Yves St. Laurent designer shoes (RR, MA)

Howard Miller Total Home 8pc dining room group (Lenox holiday-themed dinnerware) & Pie of the Month for 1 year (; $7,381; RR)

Neat... Cheryl and Rachel are expecting at around the same time, February! ^^

  • The Not Quite So World-Famous Bruce's Baked Sweet Potatoes
  • Spangler candy canes (12)
  • Holiday Treats scented candle
  • Kleenex tissues, just in case you get more than presents from your relatives...
  • Christmas cards (18)
  • Lucerne egg nog

Pick-a-Pair is supposed to be easy. But then they stock it with a motely assortment of seasonal GPs like this, and suddenly all bets are off. (It's almost as if they're trying to get revenge for Season 40, where Pick-a-Pair was by far the winningest game in the rotation...) As I said a few lines earlier, you are killing me here, guys!

Try #1:

Of course, wins always help! (By the way... apropos of nothing, but can we settle this once and for all? Is "egg nog" supposed to be one word, or two? I was brought up to always spell it as two, but...)

(CC1: Act Total Care)

Showcase Showdown #1:

There was what looked to be an odd edit on Justin's first spin -- he was talking, giving his shout-outs, when suddenly the split-screen vanished (replaced by a full-frame shot of the Wheel in motion) and Justin appeared to abruptly shut up at the moment of the cut. Strange.


4. 14oz stainless steel popcorn cart (RW)
(Drew: "First carbs he's had in three years!" Rob corrects him, says its two...) ;^)

Line em Up:
2013 Chevrolet Cruise LS (1.8L, power windows, 6 speaker audio system, paint/fabric prot, cargo net, AT; MA)

  • GE Profile stainless steel microwave oven (RR)
  • 6 Earthmate CFC light bulbs
  • Sony PlayStation3 game console w/games & accessories (RW)

Try #1:
This actually makes life easy! You can probably rule out the 5 as the thousands digit, we know the hundreds digit is a 6, and the chances of a price ending in -662 are fairly remote. That just leaves one possible arrangement, and that would be...

Try #2:
Phew! Now that's a relief... I feel like we're back on the right track now.

Yeah, now watch, as soon as I say that, the bottom falls out again. ^^;;

5. Ocean Kayak Nalu 12.5 paddleboard (RW)

Now that, my friends, was a textbook example of how to do the $1 bid properly. Take notes, this will be on the exam. ;^)

Elizabeth's from Cape Cod, Rob's from Boston. Unfortunately for her, Rob's already gone offstage to change out of his Bermuda shorts, but Elizabeth still wants to hug him if she wins her game. "Just remember what you're playin' for!" Drew urges. ^^;;

Flip Flop:
Trip to Kauai, HI (6n, Outrigger Waipouli Beach Resort, 4½hr zipline tour w/lunch; RR)

My gut instinct is to Flip ($9,734). Hawai'i under eight grand doesn't quite sound right to me. Naturally, the Peanut Gallery hates this notion when it's demonstrated... which probably means it's correct.

Elizabeth, for her part, Flops, which was the crowd's choice...

Well, that just proves I don't know what I'm talking about, doesn't it? ;^)

And yes, Ravishing Rob is out there to give the triumphant Elizabeth a victory hug. He's nothing if not a crowd-pleaser. Hee...

It's the last chance for Nicolette -- and you don't even want to know how often I almost misspelled that as the name of a popular antismoking product -- to escape being the first official F4 of the Christmas season...

Our final Rowbird of the day is Cody, whose Santa beard has been prominent behind Contestant's Row since literally the opening shots of the episode... and he's standing next to reindeer Dominique. You'd almost think they planned it this way. ^^;

6. Dev Valencia 14K gold & sterling silver rodium diamond (.50ct) earrings (MA)

All together now... ouch.


(RW with the Santashopped bill, RR on SPs)

I wonder if anyone's told Rob yet that's his actual prize money for winning the Male Model Search. ;^) Or "MMS," as a Clevelander like Drew might want to think of it [1].

$90 for an aritifical snoman that looks made out of wire, and which is only useful for about four weeks out of the year? Welcome to the Modern American Christmas, folks...

As impatient as I may be getting for someone to finally find that $25,000 slip, and thus prove to the doubters that there really IS one on the board somewhere, I can't deny that Dominique did absolutely the right thing here.

[1] The Buzzard lives...

(CC2: Airborne / Gold Bond Ultimate)

Showcase Showdown #2:

Showcases: Elizabeth top winner, Justin runner-up... and the bidding will begin as soon as they stop high-fiving each other. ;^)

1. It May Be the Christmas Season, But It's Getting Kinda Hot in Here...
  • Beachcomber hot tub (MA)
  • Trip to Reykjavik, Iceland (6n, Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel; MA)
    • Geothermal spa experience
  • Trip to Dubai (6n, MA)
    • 1d pass to Aquaventure Water Park
Elizabeth passes; Justin bids $18,965.
(My bid: $25,985)

2. Power Up Your Holiday
  • Dell 15" laptop computer (4GB RAM, 500GB HD; RR)
  • Pair of Jetson electric bikes (RR)
    • No, they don't fold up into suitcases...
  • 2013 Ford Focus electric (regenerative braking system, AT, 105MPG equivalent; RW)
Elizabeth bids $29,600.
(My bid: $49,025)

This isn't a snowball fight, it's a lowball fight! Elizabeth's bid doesn't even cover the car by itself, and Justin is grossly underestimating just how much a trip to Dubai (one of the most affluent parts of the world) goes for these days.

Moment of Truth:

A bit of QED action there, I'm afraid. But hey, anything that's not a DOB is fine with me.

LEADER BOARD: Episode #6142K






47.27% of $170,672 + $500 bonus
Average: $13,529
Median: $16,866

A pretty major improvement over the past few episodes, that's for sure!

Hopefully more like this tomorrow...

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