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Monday, December 17, 2012

TPiRecap: 17 December 2012

But first, a brief programming note. Even on the off chance the Mayans were wrong and the world actually won't end on Saturday, Friday will mark the last TPiRecap of 2012, as I'll be going on a two-week Christmas/holiday hiatus. Normal service will thus resume on 7 January, and the world will go on as before.

P.S.: The Mayans may or may not have been full of it... but the "Doomsday prophets" who claim to speak for them in the modern era most definitely are. That's all I'll say on this subject.

On a much more somber note, we all know what happened on Friday. As a virtual native of Connecticut, even though I don't live there at present and even though my family was not directly affected by this senseless tragedy, I feel nothing but the keenest of sympathy for all the families and friends of the victims. In that spirit, before this recap begins I'd like to honor them the only real way I can, by the following twenty-seven lines of blank black space -- one for each of the killer's victims -- after which the recap will commence as normal... but without commentary.

Episode # 6141K
Airdate 17 December 2012
VTR 1 October 2012
First Four Lloyd, Andrea, Daniel, Racquel (R-L)
Today's Models Manuela Abreález, Amber Lancaster, Rachel Reynolds

1. TPiR HGIotD: Schwinn bikes for the whole family (AL)

Plinko, finally converted to the new format:

(RR on SPs)

Chip #1:

Chip #3:

Chip #4:

Chip #5:

2. Garmin handheld & car GPS systems (AL, MA)

Squeeze Play:
Trip to Cabo San Lucas, México (6n, Pueblo Bonito Rosé Resort & Spa, 3hr horseback ride on the beach; RR)

3. Butterfly table tennis package (MA, RR)

Money Game:
2012 Jeep Compass Sport (2L, FWD, remote keyless entry, paint/fabric prot, AT, UConnect; AL)

($22,213; El Hijo del Cheapo)

Showcase Showdown #1:

4. Onkyo 7.1 home theater system (AL)

Danger Price: $1795
  1. LG 47" LCD HDTV (RR)
  2. Inspire Fitnell CardioStrider 2 elliptical trainer (RR)
  3. The Kate Spade Designer Accessories of Doom (MA)
  4. Dacor free-standing gas range (MA)

Designer accessories:
Elliptical trainer:
(Range: $3,899)

5. GE washer & dryer (RR)

Stack the Deck:
2012 Ford Focus SE (2L, elec stability ctrl, power windows, illuminated entry, paint/fabric prot; MA)

(RR on GPs)

6. VMS Heritage 150 motor scooter (MA)

  1. Vintage-look "steamer trunk" chest (RR)
  2. Dell desktop computer (2TB HD, 18GB RAM, 24" widescreen, AIO; AL)
Christine leaves the prices...

Showcase Showdown #2:


Showcases: Christian top winner, Monica runner-up.

1. A Good Old-Fashioned Southern Christmas
  • 1.34ct diamond jewelry (MA, with an assist from the JE)
  • Trip to Charleston, SC (5n, Wentworth Mansion; MA)
    • Culinary tour
  • 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 ST 4x2 regular cab (3.7L V6, 4AT; RR)
Christian passes; Monica bids $27,500.

2. Another Good Old-Fashioned Southern Christmas... and This Time, We REALLY Mean "Southern!"
  • Clob Glove USA TRS Ballistic 3pc luggage set (AL)
  • Apple iPad 3rd gen (16GB) w/smart cover (AL)
  • Trip to the Amazon (4n, Juma Amazon Lodge; MA)
    • Guided rainforest/jungle tours
  • Trip to Puerto Iguazu, Argentina (from Brazil, 6n, Iguazu Grand Resort Spa & Casino; MA)
  • Trip to Rio de Janerio, Brazil (from Argentina, 6n; MA)
    • Private surfing lesson
Christian bids $19,500.

Moment of Truth:

LEADER BOARD: Episode #6141K









27.17% of $182,375
Average: $8,258
Median: $17,692

Things will be back to normal tomorrow, don't worry.

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  1. Everyone knows that the Doomsday of the 21st is fake, and won't be happening then.